About 3R Education


Our numeracy program has been created and designed by a team of experienced teaching professionals. The teaching material involves real examples used in real classrooms. The teachers involved in writing our material all agreed that one of the biggest challenges facing schools is enabling parents to understand the different teaching methods used in this subject. The most frequently asked questions from parents are to do with concerns over how to help with maths homework tasks.

Program Content


The program content entirely reflects the methods and approaches of the National Numeracy Strategy used in schools. The course is designed to supplement and support children’s learning at home. All the topics we cover can be found in the school maths curriculum and the teaching methods used are those suggested by the most recent government guidelines. Evaluation sheets allow parents to track their child’s progress.




In the dvd lessons, our presenter Rachel uses resources that the children will be familiar with and her main exposition teaching tool is the interactive whiteboard, just like the ones your children’s teachers will be using in school. We wanted our programme to involve these familiar elements to enhance the learning process. The teaching material, resource pack and workbooks are accompanied by a comprehensive, easy-to-use parent guide.